This is strictly a cash practice and card facilities are available for payment of consultations and medicines. Invoices rendered by Dr Robyn Anderson shall be adequately detailed to accommodate medical aid claims. Consultation fees are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation (in person): R720 excluding medication
  • Follow-Up Consultation (in person): ranging from R240 to R540 depending on the duration of the consultation (excludes medication)
  • Initial Consultation (online): R620 excluding medication
  • Follow-Up Consultation (in person): ranging from R170 to R450 depending on the duration of the consultation (excludes medication)

Dr Robyn Anderson charges private rates which may be higher than the patient’s medical aid or medical insurance cover. It is the patient’s responsibility to be fully acquainted with the terms of his/her medical aid plan. Notwithstanding the above, the patient is personally liable for the full amount charged by Dr Robyn Anderson. All fees are due via card payment after each consultation or upon the receipt of medication. No medication will be dispensed until payment is received.

In the case of non-payment, Dr Robyn Anderson shall charge interest at the maximum allowed rate from the day on which services are rendered until the debt is paid in full. The patient acknowledges and accepts that that non-payment will render him/her personally additionally liable for all tracing costs, legal costs and collection fees incurred in recovery of any outstanding amounts.

The patient grants access of the personal information contained in this form to Dr Robyn Anderson, and Dr Robyn Anderson undertakes to best protect and keep confidential this personal information, as well as any medical records, in line with normal standards.

The patient understands that he/she has the right to ask Dr Robyn Anderson any questions regarding this contract, services rendered or diagnoses whether now or in the future. The patient also understands that should any services be recommended over and above the consultation (such as administration of homeopathic medication via injection form), the patient’s verbal consent will suffice.

Dr Robyn Anderson has presented this simply written contract to the patient, and the patient hereby acknowledges that he/she has read the contract carefully, understands it and accepts the terms and conditions above.

By proceeding with the booking, you hereby accept the terms and conditions of this contract.

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